The PROJPRZEM MAKRUM Industrial Group is expanding its product and service offerings through further acquisitions. PROMLift, a company operating in the field of warehouse logistics, has joined the Group’s portfolio.

In February 2020, the management board of PROJPRZEM MAKRUM acquired shares in the company DPS Serwis Sp. z o.o., specializing in servicing and repairing and repairing forklifts, preparing trucks for supervision at UDT, selling spare parts, tires, forks and other forklift equipment, selling forklifts and renting them in the short and long term.

After joining the Group’s structures, the company began operating under the name PromLift. Her offer related to warehouse logistics complements and develops the existing offer of Grupa Przemysłowa PROJPRZEM MAKRUM S.A. Together with the company Projprzem Budownictwo specializing in industrial and warehouse construction and PROMStahl equipping warehouses with comprehensive docking solutions, the new entity will provide an even better, expanded and more comprehensive offer of complementary products and services within the warehouse industry.

Detailed information on available products and services and forms of financing (sale / long-term rental / leasing offer) is available on the website.

Grupa PROJPRZEM MAKRUM S.A. does not exclude further acquisitions of industrial entities operating in segments complementary to the current operations of the Company and expanding the range of offered products and services. Entering the PROJPRZEM MAKRUM Capital Group guarantees new development opportunities in each area of ​​activity.

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