PJP MAKRUM S.A. is a recognized manufacturer of machinery and equipment for the mining, chemical, cement and paper industries. A special group of machines with which the Group is well-known around the world are Makrum crushers.

Thanks to the extensive experience of specialists and attention to the smallest details in the creation process, Makrum is able to offer professionalism at every stage of the investment and timely implementation. Makrum machines are made based on technical documentation prepared by brand engineers or provided by the customer. In order to improve their knowledge in this field, the company’s representatives took part in the first industry conference after a long break. “Mineral aggregates” is a meeting during which topics related to, inter alia, the quality of aggregates and building stone, the forecast of the functioning of the rock raw materials market or the exploitation of deposits and processing were discussed.

The segment of crushing and grinding machines of the PJP Makrum Industrial Group continues activities aimed at giving this area a primarily engineering character, focusing on its highly specialized products. Our motto is ‘innovation supported by experience’ – we want to include the 150-year history of the brand and innovative technological solutions according to which MAKRUM products are made. We are a leading manufacturer of crushing and grinding machines. It is an important product in the rich history of the PJP MAKRUM Group.

One of the latest implementations of the machine segment is a roller crusher for the production of eco-pea coal, with an innovative system of replaceable modular working linings of the roller. It was built on an adjustable frame with an inspection platform.


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