Modulo Parking Sp. z o.o., completed 14 Modulo SLIDE sliding platforms on one of the development investments in Bydgoszcz. Platforms will double the parking spaces in the garage. The machines use light sensors and crush strips to increase user safety.

In Bydgoszcz, MODULO parking systems will be available in four different facilities. We are currently implementing an investment that includes as many as 55 platforms.

Starting work on the MODULO Parking Systems a few years ago, our main goal was to create a wide range of products. One that will interest both individual users as well as architects or developers. Therefore, the priority was to design various solutions: dependent and independent parking platforms.

Today, our parking lots are located mainly on large estates, or in hotels. However, there are also individual customers. We are aware that the latter will be even more. Firstly, due to the growing number of cars per household. Secondly, due to convenience, as well as more and more conscious use of each space meter – instead of building a large garage, we can use part of this space, for example for a garden, a barbecue area or a mini playground for children.

Investor's Newsletter - April 2020
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