A forklift is a must-have for warehouses, shops and other industrial facilities. When choosing a forklift, we face a dilemma – is it necessary to invest in a new one? Are there alternatives? Promlift offers its customers a wide range of new and used forklifts, as well as a preferential rental offer.

In the Promlift online store, you can find over a dozen models of new pallet trucks. Promlift supplies forklifts under its own brand as well as other global manufacturers, incl. Toyota or HANGCHA. We provide maintenance services and sell over several thousand spare parts. We also have proposals for customers who are interested in solutions other than the purchase of a new forklift.

The rental model, both long-term and short-term, is today one of the most developing areas in the forklift business. What are the benefits and advantages of such a model? First of all, it is a whole range of financial benefits for the client. The lessee of the forklift does not assume the risk of a decrease in the value of the device. It also does not incur a large one-time expenditure on the purchase, which is extremely important for entrepreneurs taking their first steps in business. One of the main reasons why customers decide to rent forklifts is also the stability of costs related to the service and operation of these machines, because the client pays a fixed monthly rent and thus is able to plan the budget for a given financial year in advance.

The rental price includes constant service care and the obligation to react in the event of a breakdown, which takes the additional operating costs from the user. Thanks to the rental, the customer has no problem stopping the forklift in the event of a breakdown, because the lessor provides the customer with access to a replacement forklift with similar parameters. The customer also does not have to worry about such matters as registration of the Office of Technical Inspection.

Promlift, as a leader in the warehouse equipment industry, has extensive experience in the field of forklift leasing and is constantly expanding the group of customers cooperating on the basis of this model. Promlift specialists adjust the period and scope of the rental to the client’s operational plan, allowing him to be flexible – at any time the amount of equipment can be increased as the company’s needs develop. Promlift offers various types of forklifts prepared for rent, and in the absence of a forklift type with parameters expected by the customer, we are able to quickly obtain such a forklift from the market. We also offer specialist advice on choosing the right machine.

An alternative to buying a new forklift is also choosing a used one from the Promlift offer. We sell used forklifts in packages – their recipients are mainly companies from the industry that restore them and sell them on; we can also prepare a used forklift for the customer and sell it with a guarantee. Is buying a used forklift safe? Of course, but only when you buy such a forklift from a proven supplier, and that is certainly Promlift. Cooperation with a company that is trusted by the market eliminates most of the risks associated with the purchase of a used forklift.

Investor’s newsletter – October 2021
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