To meet the new challenges of road infrastructure modernization and ecological standards, builders Projprzem MAKRUM S.A. they created the only Polish Asphalt Destruct Granulator GDA. We have to present a unique, modern, environmentally friendly asphalt milling machine. The asphalt destruct granulator is characterized by high efficiency and low energy consumption. Modern technology and the use of selected, specially designed components makes the granulator for bituminous mixtures can work in any temperature and weather conditions. The machine operator thanks to the modern panel has full control over the final product – asphalt destruct granules.

“MAKRUM Asphalt Destruct Granulator is an innovative product that helps the road construction industry not only to modernize and improve the road and pavement construction process, but also to take care of the environment in which we live. This pro-ecological idea of ​​the constructors allows the reuse of the material used to build road infrastructure. This makes the Asphalt Destroy Granulator a device that fits into modern trends in ecological solutions in various areas of our lives. Given the trends in the construction industry, it is clearly possible to predict a regular increase in the share of granules in the production process. ” – comments the Head of Technical Department, Jacek Korzeniowski.
The device has been designed according to the latest material trends, ensuring maximum long cycles of using consumable parts. The asphalt destruct granulator has the possibility of full adjustment of gaps and roller settings, which means that the obtained asphalt destruct always has the desired size.

In 2017, the Council of Ministers issued a regulation on the management of certain components of the Treasury, pursuant to which GDDKiA was given the opportunity to provide local government units with unnecessary materials, e.g. asphalt destroyed road repairs. Legislation in this area and market trends have long been monitored by specialists of the PROJPRZEM MAKRUM company, looking for ways to refresh the offer of the MAKRUM brand – a producer of crushing and grinding machines with over 150 years of experience. This is how the GDA – Asphalt Destruct Granulator was created, which is a full-value building material used in the construction and modernization of road infrastructure. Rapidly developing technology for the production of bituminous mixtures causes that mixtures with the content of asphalt are widely used in the world. This trend is supported by European directives on the use of industrial waste and legislation in some countries (e.g. Great Britain, where landfill taxation has been introduced).


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