At the end of November, the representatives of MODULO Parking participated in the conference Garages and Underground Parking 2018. The conference took place in Warsaw and raised new, important topics in the area of ​​design, construction and management of buildings and facilities with underground and surface parking.

The event focused on problems in the design and construction of public facilities with a multi-station garage and a direct translation of this into structural and fire safety. The topic was discussed in relation to both high-rise buildings, large-area buildings such as shopping centers and galleries, as well as public utilities such as hospitals. These and many other issues in the area of ​​architecture and infrastructure of buildings and building objects with a multi-station garage were included in the program of the conference in Warsaw.

The conference was especially aimed at constructors, architects, designers, engineers / construction managers, investors and managers of parking lots, office centers, shopping malls, hotel market, utility buildings including hospitals and their general contractors.

Developers, managers of commercial, co-operative buildings or housing associations were particularly interested in unconventional parking solutions allowing for optimization of costs and space in a car park in places with limited parking space. The MODULO Parking company has launched this group with an effective response to these problems, presenting its solutions in the field of automatic parking systems. During the conference, we performed a lecture “The question is whether in 10 years will we still have a space to park in cities?”

The presence of MODULO machines at this type of events is always very popular among guests and allows us to present the mechanics and usability of our car parks to a wide audience. It was no different this time!

MODULO car parks are the most innovative product from the portfolio of PROJPRZEM MAKRUM S.A. the Industrial Group. It is a relatively new product, the launch of which has been worked on over the last years. The current year is already bringing the first harvest of this process. In the first three months of 2018, the revenues from the sale of car parks amounted to PLN 5.2 million, which is a satisfactory increase comparing to the same period of the previous year.




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