Participation in seminars, trade fairs and conferences, publications in the trade press, and above all, implementation of subsequent projects – we are summarizing the past twelve months. They were jubilee, therefore exceptional for MAKRUM. “150 years of tradition allows us to look to the future with courage” – said the president of Projprzem Makrum S.A., Piotr Szczeblewski, in the “Polskie Drogi” publishing house at the beginning of the year. 

Start into 2018

One of the first machines that we produced in 2018 was the cossette pre-scalder, forming part of the technological line for sugar production. The device ensures optimal heating of the sliced cottage cheese, and thus saving heat energy. A very interesting project was also the retort room used to produce charcoal (simply: coal for grilling). The retort and dryer – two largest elements of the entire retort room – were over 18 m high and had a diameter of almost 3 m.

Waste, or valuable waste

During seminars and conferences, we tried to popularize the topic, which is addressed in the brochure by Stanisław Styk and Ireneusz Strugała. “Guidance on the use of asphalt waste”, which was developed in response to doubts of many people from the road construction industry, associated with the use of asphalt waste. Authors who, in addition to extensive knowledge, simply have a “light pen”, presented the most important issues related to waste in an accessible way. Increasing awareness in the field of environmental protection makes ecological solutions appear in every area of our lives. The widespread use of waste seems inevitable. The proof is the next GDA Asphalt Waste Granulators produced in MAKRUM.

International projects

One of the most prestigious tasks completed was certainly the design and production of a modern crumbling line. It was delivered to our international customer, which is used by him to crush steel slag. In its centre: the HJ50 crusher in the most advanced option.

65 tons – that’s how much the wood chipper weighted together with engines and hydraulics, to which we prepared the frame and took care of the installation of the majority of components. Today the machine operates in one of the northern European countries.

And such designs as the ones shown below are implemented with real pleasure! See how diving towers, on the Norwegian Kadettangen peninsula, perfectly match the surroundings.

Currently, the elements of the lifting system of the dredger stilts are being measured in the factory. The dredger is a machine whose task is to deepen the bottom of sea and inland areas. The device will operate in China.

Seminars, trade fairs, conferences, and even performance

It was also important to us to participate in industry meetings, which are always a great platform for exchanging experiences. One of such was the seminar “Asphalt waste in road construction”, organized by the Polish Road Congress. We had the opportunity not only to talk about an innovative GDA Asphalt Waste Granulator, but we also received the award from the organizers on the occasion of our jubilee. It is also worth mentioning, among others, about the Building Industry Solutions Trade Fairs, Kruszywa Cement Wapno conference or Krakowskie Dni Nawierzchni. We actively participated in each of these meetings.

An unusual event in our factory was certainly the performance “Bad city” of the Poznań Biuro Podróży theatre implemented as part of the Święto Szlaku TeH20, which gathered many culture and industry enthusiasts at the same time.

We can only wish ourselves that the coming year is equally interesting, and the financial results for 2018, for the publications of which we have already started preparations, are as positive as the current quarterly and semi-annual reports of the passing year!

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