The last General Shareholders’ Meeting of PROJPRZEM MAKRUM S.A. resolved to pay a dividend in the amount of PLN 1,10. Payment of the company’s profit to Shareholders will take place on September 12, and Tuesday, August 28, will be the dividend day – the last day when shares should be posted on Shareholder’s account to entitle him to exercise the right to the dividend.

In accordance with the resolution No. 11 adopted by the Ordinary General Meeting of the Company on 29 May regarding the payment of dividend and determining the date of acquisition of the right to dividend and the date of its payment, it was decided to pay a dividend from the Company’s profit of 2017, in the total amount of PLN 6 580 987,60, that is PLN 1.10 per share.

The dividend covers 5,982,716 shares of the Company.

The day of acquiring the right to dividend is August 28, 2018.

The date of dividend payment by the Company has been set for September 12, 2018.

The initial recommendation of the Supervisory Board regarding the payment of a dividend suggested a payment in the amount of PLN 1. At the request of one of the individual shareholders present at the meeting who proposed increasing this amount, the General Meeting voted it to be 10% higher.

MAKRUM PROJPRZEM in its history has more than a dozen dividend payments. The last year in which the company shared profit with the shareholders was 2015 with PLN 0.60 per share.

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