What do the Makrum mills from the 70’s look like? Makrum machines that have been working for our client for several dozen years, including 20 years of failure-free operation, are presented in the latest video, made during the renovation, which was also taken care of by specialists from the machine segment of our Industrial Group. Mateusz Maciejewski talks about the details of the scope of work.

PJP MAKRUM S.A. is a recognized manufacturer of machinery and equipment for the mining, chemical, cement and paper industries. It also specializes in the production of individual, specialized steel structures – mainly industrial and warehouse – with high quality requirements. Experience in the implementation of specialized projects and an extensive list of references prove that they can meet the requirements of each client. Our motto is ‘innovation supported by experience’ – we want to include the 150-year history of the brand and innovative technological solutions according to which MAKRUM products are made. Today, we can proudly say that we are a leading manufacturer of machines such as dryers, crushers and mills.

Thanks to the extensive experience of our employees and attention to the smallest details in the development process, we are able to offer professionalism at every stage of the investment and timely delivery of services. Our facilities are made on the basis of technical documentation prepared by us ourselves or provided by the client.

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