Parking platforms were a novelty in Poland until recently. Today, investors more and more often choose such a solution. In addition to the reasons related to the need to provide an adequate number of parking spaces, it is also an economic choice from the point of view of investment costs.

The inhabitants of today’s cities have problems with parking not only in the very center of the city, but also on home properties. Very often there are less parking spaces than the sold apartments. Assuming that more and more often there are two (and sometimes even three!) cars in one household, architects and developers increasingly have to use modern solutions such as parking platforms. As a result, they can use the available space to the maximum and provide the number of parking spaces appropriate for the investment.

– Our largest project in Bydgoszcz consists of 119 parking spaces in Platanowy Park in Osiedle Leśne, where three types of parking systems have been installed. Each site is 2 meters high and over 2.5 meters wide. This not only gives a sense of comfort, but also safety when parking. Platanowy Park is a housing estate that has been planned in several stages. Modulo platforms will also appear in the next ones – says Kajetan Duszyński.

Another investment in Bydgoszcz, in which the developer has decided to increase the number of parking spaces, is located at Chodkiewicza Street. This time it is a system based on sliding pallets. Contrary to other Modulo products, it does not offer car parking in a system one above the other, but it allows you to automate parking on a given area, excluding situations such as incorrectly parked vehicles or collisions in the parking lot. It is a perfect solution for spaces where there is no possibility of placing a multi-level system.

On Gołębia Street, on the other hand, there are one of the most popular Modulo products: Stacker-P10 – ideal for facilities requiring a small amount of parking spaces. 9 of these systems were installed there, resulting in 18 parking spaces for the residents of the newly built block. Another investment, still under construction, is located at Paderewskiego Street, where independent LSM systems are to be installed.

– We are very pleased that more and more investors in Bydgoszcz are interested in MODULO parking platforms, says the head of the sales department of MODULO Parking Kajetan Duszyński. This company, which is one of the youngest in the PJP Makrum Industrial Group, has been winning the Polish market for several years, exporting its products also abroad.

To install a parking platform that allows you to hide a car with a height of as much as 170 cm “underground” you need a basin with a depth of only 190 cm. Thanks to this, with only two additional meters, we gain double the number of parking spaces on the entire parking space. It is incomparably more convenient and economical than the construction of the next level of the underground garage. The lack of another level means no costs related to an additional ceiling, passageway, ventilation installation, lighting or another elevator floor. A shallower excavation also means less soil excavated or less fuel used by excavators. The construction of this type of car park is often simply impossible, due to the construction conditions, e.g. high groundwater.

It is also worth looking at parking platforms as an investment from the user’s point of view. More and more often we meet private investors who decide to purchase several parking platforms for their further lease. Such an investment turns out to be more and more profitable, considering that the prices of parking spaces are rising, as is the number of vehicles.

Investor’s newsletter – January 2021
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