Grupa Przemysłowa PROJPRZEM MAKRUM S.A. announced the deadlines in which the company will publish consolidated and individual financial statements in the current year.

According to §80 sec. 1 of the Regulation of the Minister of Finance of 29 March 2018 regarding current and interim information provided by issuers of securities and conditions for recognizing information required by the law of a non-member state as equivalent, the company published the current report with dates of publication of annual, semi-annual and quarterly reports for the current year.

Its financial statements for the current year will be published on the following dates:

Individual quarterly reports of the parent company and consolidated quarterly reports: – for the first quarter of 2019 – May 17, 2019. – for the third quarter of 2019 – November 15, 2019.

Individual report for the first half of the parent company and consolidated report for the first half of 2019 – August 28, 2019.

Individual annual report of the parent company and consolidated annual report for 2018 – March 15, 2019.

Similar information was provided by Grupa Kapitałowa IMMOBILE, the parent company of PROJPRZEM MAKRUM. Its Individual and consolidated interim reports will be published in following dates:

annual report for 2018 – 12 April 2019

– first quarter of 2019 – 30 May 2019

– first half of 2019 – 27 September 2019

– third quarter of 2019 – 28 November 2019


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