This year’s first edition of the road industry magazine titled “Polskie Drogi” has devoted a lot of space to the 150th anniversary of the MAKRUM brand and its historical and innovative products, including the GDA granulator that has revolutionized the road construction process.

polskie drogi 1_2018

Click to zoom (source: Polskie Drogi nr 1(258)/2018

The magazine presents an overview of the 150 years’ history of Makrum and its flagship products. It also mentions the accomplishments most recognized by the media – giant structures weighing up to 200 tons, spectacular bulky transportations or elements made for globally recognized clients.

“Last year the company delivered its products to the very centre of Paris: it produced 6 steel wheels for a lift inside the Eiffel Tower. Therefore, you can reach the top of the most famous tower in the world owing to drive components delivered by the company from Bydgoszcz. There are more achievements of this sort.” – Polskie Drogi no. 1 (258)/2018. “150 years of tradition allows looking ahead boldly.”

koło eiffla

The steel wheel of the Eiffel Tower, Polskie Drogi nr 1(258)/2018

transport woda 2

Large-scale transport of Makrum by the Brda River

“Polskie Drogi” has also paid attention to one of Makrum’s latest projects – GDA asphalt rubble granulator, which is a response to the increased importance of granulate in the process of manufacturing new bitumen mixtures due to its environmental and economic advantages and recent legal regulations in the field of managing asphalt rubble.


Granulator GDA

The Polskie Drogi publishing house has also issued an “Asphalt Rubble Manual” by Stanisław Styk and Ireneusz Strugała, which is a compendium of information concerning the process of using this material in the road construction process.

poradnik stosowania destruktu asfaltowego

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