One of the last projects of the steel structures segment was the debarking drum, which will go to one of the largest representatives from the paper industry. The debarking drum at the widest point is 6m in diameter, approx. 20m long and weighs approx. 130 tons. Delivering it to the customer will require the use of special means of transport intended for the transport of bulky goods.

Installation of the device in the production line will take place by means of mobile cranes with a load capacity of several hundred tons, working at high altitude. The device is used for pre-treatment of wood, removing logs from the bark layer. Wood after an appropriate treatment process goes to our homes in the form of “wrapping paper” or cardboard packaging.

PROJPRZEM MAKRUM S.A. is a recognized manufacturer of machinery and equipment for the mining, chemical, cement and paper industries; also specializes in the production of individual, specialized steel structures – mainly industrial and warehouse – with high quality requirements. Thanks to the extensive experience of our employees and attention to the smallest details in the creation process, we are able to offer you professionalism at every stage of the investment and timely delivery of services. Our facilities are made based on technical documentation prepared by us alone or provided by the customer.

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