The tradition of the PJP Makrum Industrial Group goes back to the 19th century. Today, it is one of the most interesting industrial companies in Poland, characterized on the one hand by diversification of activities, and on the other by a consistent concept and constant synergy.

The MAKRUM brand is the historical core of the entire Group. Crushing & grinding machines are the leading products. In the seventies and eighties, each commune in Poland had machines from the MAKRUM portfolio. These included crushers, mills and dryers. Many of these machines are still in operation today, and MAKRUM is constantly introducing new products, such as the GDA Asphalt Destruct Granulator or the HJ jaw crusher.

– The HJ crusher is at the forefront when it comes to parameters such as efficiency and energy consumption – says Piotr Szczeblewski, the president of PJP Makrum. – MAKRUM devices often occupy the heart of production plants. We have delivered nearly 300 different machines to KGHM, including 110 mills. Today, in addition to machine production, we offer our customers our knowledge, a strong design department, but also service and spare parts. MAKRUM currently accounts for 3-4% of the revenues of the entire Group, the structure of which has been systematically increasing for several years – he adds.


We can talk about synergy in the Group in two areas. The first includes the Industrial Group, which uses the same production facilities in Koronowo, where both PROMStahl reloading systems and MODULO parking platforms are created, and recently the plant also houses the warehouse of the youngest company in the Group – Promlift.

The second type of synergy occurs in the area of the entire structure of Grupa Kapitałowa Immobile, of which PJP Makrum is a part. The best example is the provision of products from the PJP Makrum offer to other GKI companies. MODULO parking platforms are among others at the Platanowy Park estate built by CDI Konsultanci Budowlani and at the Focus hotel in Sopot.

Increase in warehouse space

Last year, the production plant in Koronowo, thanks to the expansion, doubled its production capacity. The new infrastructure turned out to be a necessity due to the growing demand for PROMSTL or MODULO products.

– The dynamic development of the warehouse market in Poland confirms that our direction is right – says Piotr Szczeblewski. – Poland is among the three countries with the largest increase in warehouse space in Europe in 2020, and the leaders are Germany and the United Kingdom, i.e. our main export directions. PROMStahl is most closely associated with the warehouse industry in the structure of PJP Makrum. PROMStahl GmbH has been operating in Germany for many years, selling docks for German-speaking countries. In Great Britain, PROMStahl Ltd was established last year, which offers our products directly to end customers, which will allow us to spread our wings even more in this market. Until now, we have only sold through dealer networks.

PJP Makrum offers almost comprehensive warehouse equipment: reloading systems (including seals, gates, accessories), forklifts and racks.

Direction of developement

The most innovative product offered by the PJP Makrum Group for residential construction and public institutions is undoubtedly the MODULO parking systems, currently recording their 5th year of sales. What was new until recently, today – due to problems with parking spaces – becomes a necessity. MODULO is also a more economical choice wherever the investor has to secure an appropriate number of parking spaces.

– Currently, 85% of our sales are made in Poland, but export is an important direction of development for us. The best confirmation of this is the fact that we deliver MODULO platforms with increasing success to Germany, from where parking platforms for the Polish market have been imported for many years – says Piotr Szczeblewski.

The PJP Makrum Group also includes Projprzem Budownictwo – a company implementing projects in the field of residential and industrial construction, including warehouses and logistic centers important from the perspective of our strategy. The youngest company in the Group from the described area is Promlift – a producer and distributor of forklifts, equipment and warehouse equipment.

The trend in the described areas confirms the systematic and consistent development of our Group towards logistics and handling.

In the area of reloading systems, in the first 8 weeks of 2021, we recorded an increase in orders by 40% compared to the previous year – says Piotr Szczeblewski. – I assume, quite cautiously, that it may improve the results of this segment at the end of 2021, probably by as much as 10%.


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