In November, implementation for one of MAKRUM’s key clients from the steel industry was completed. The task called “reconstruction of the crushing and screening converter slag” was carried out in Legnica. The scope of the task was to design the entire string and individual devices in such a way that they ensure the parameters required by the customer, such as the efficiency of the entire process line or the size of the material fraction after crushing. In addition, all supporting structures were made, on which devices and communication routes between them are mounted.

Slag, which is in nature waste in the process of melting copper scrap, contains up to 30% copper. Therefore, it is considered as a valuable material that after re-melting, gives the opportunity to recover this valuable element. The technological line built by MAKRUM is used for appropriate crushing and fractionation of converter slag so that it can be re-processed in the glassworks furnace, without compromising its performance. By nature, the addition of crushed slag to the shaft furnace, without dividing it into grains of the right size, can reduce the air flow through the furnace, which will significantly reduce its efficiency.

“The constructed technological line includes devices such as – steel-section conveyor type 29.27, jaw crusher HJ50, belt conveyor and screening plant. Pre-crushed converter slag is loaded into the slag tank, over which a steel grille with a mesh size of 250x250mm is built. Its task is to separate material larger than 250mm, which again goes to the slag pit and is crushed to a size below 250mm. After passing through the grating, the material is stored in a slag tank, from where it is collected by a steel-section conveyor, and then transported with the steel belt of this conveyor to the HJ50 crusher. The crusher’s task as the next stage of grinding is crushing slag to grain size up to 80mm. From the crusher, the slag is already crushed to the appropriate fraction, it is transported by a 16-meter belt conveyor to the screen, whose task is to separate the given material into 0-5mm fractions and larger than 5mm. Both fractions are dumped from the screen by specially designed dumps to railway wagons located under the screen. All devices that have direct contact with the slag, which is in fact a very abrasive material, have been lined with steel plates made of a special grade of abrasion-resistant steel”- explains Krzysztof Kałużny, Head of the Project.

The design capacity of the technological line is 30 tons per hour and the mass of built-in support structures, along with communication lines and devices is about 90 tons. The highest level of service platforms is located at a height of about 8.5 meters from the ground level.

We want to provide our products and services with the highest quality and reliable durability. Experience in the implementation of specialized projects and a rich list of references prove that we are able to meet the requirements of each client. Our motto is ‘innovation supported by experience’ – we want to include a 150-year history of the brand and innovative technological solutions according to which MAKRUM products are created. Today, we can proudly say that we are a leading manufacturer of crushing and grinding machines. It is an important product in rich history of PROJPRZEM MAKRUM S.A. the Industrial Group.


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