Management Board of PJP MAKRUM S.A. announced the adoption of a resolution on sharing the company’s profit with its shareholders in 2021. It was decided to recommend a dividend payment of PLN 0.34 per share.

PJP Makrum informed in the current report about the resolution of the management board on the recommendation regarding the allocation of the profit for 2020. Pursuant to it, the management board decided to submit to the company’s supervisory board, in order to recommend it for approval to the Annual General Meeting, a proposal on the allocation of the net profit for 2020 (PLN 4,105 thousand) to the payment of a dividend in the amount of PLN 2,034,123.44, i.e. PLN 0.34 per share. The remaining part of the profit was recommended to be kept as the company’s supplementary capital.

The dividend is part of the company’s profit (after tax) which is paid to the shareholders. The payment of the dividend is possible in the year in which the company achieved a positive financial result, and its amount depends on the amount of the generated profit. The holders of all shares are entitled to the payment of the same dividend per share. The payment of dividends is decided by the general meeting of shareholders, which takes place after the end of the financial year and approval of the company’s financial statements.

The final decision regarding the dividend and profit allocation will be made by the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of PJP Makrum, which will be held on June 28, 2021 in Bydgoszcz.

In its history, PJP MAKRUM has already had several dividend payments. If the General Meeting of Shareholders makes a positive decision on the next payout, it will be the fourth year in a row that the company has been continuously sharing profits with its shareholders.

Investor’s newsletter – May 2021
The General Meeting of Shareholders of PJP Makrum - June 28, 2021