When starting works on MODULO Parking Systems a few years ago, our main assumption was to create a wide range of products. The one that will interest both individual users, as well as architects and developers. Therefore, the priority was to design different solutions: dependent and independent parking platforms.  


What is the Parking System? – we hear this question most often during business talks, and thus below we explain what it is.

The Parking System is a hoist which, using a hydraulic or electrical system, allows you to park two or more vehicles on one standard parking space.

Instead of annexing the area around, systems move upward, which on the one hand allows you to increase the number of parking spaces, and on the other save the surrounding space. The solution is both simple and revolutionary. We believe that this is how future parking lots will look like. In addition to the invaluable functionality of such a solution, an unquestionable advantage is an interesting, slightly futuristic design that underlines the character of many investments. The universal design of platforms means that they can not only constitute an integral part of the building, but also a completely independent detached building.

MODULO Parking Systems can be divided into two groups: dependent and independent.  The first are solutions that are primarily used in single-family houses and in places where there is a constant order of leaving the parking lot, e.g. in small companies. Independent systems do not require the first platform to be empty before leaving the second one. An example can be MODULO PLATFORMS or MODULO TWIN – systems use the surface below the ground – it is at this level that one of the cars is “hidden”, and the other can leave its platform.

The use of parking platforms is not only convenient, but also safe. Each device is equipped with a control panel, which thanks to individual settings guarantees protection against unauthorized start-up of the system. Importantly, the emergency switch located on the panel allows you to stop the device in the event of unexpected hazard.

Today, our parking lots are located mainly on large estates, or in hotels. However, there are also individual customers. We are aware that the latter will be even more. Firstly, due to the growing number of cars per household. Secondly, due to convenience, as well as more and more conscious use of each space meter – instead of building a large garage, we can use part of this space, for example for a garden, a barbecue area or a mini playground for children.


source: http://moduloparking.com/platformy-parkingowe-w-pigulce/?fbclid=IwAR0ZyLdiiC0LAjonmxPh64Q3MF9_RYJ8F1LGprMsjfdZyWPOtCXQlFDHJuc

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