We present the completed implementation of MODULO automatic parking systems in a multi-family building in Poznań. Installed devices have increased the available parking space to almost 100 parking spots!

This investment was implemented between January and May this year. At the developer’s request, 7 Single Slope parking system and 20 Dual Slope systems were produced and installed. The value of the contract was about one million PLN.

MODULO SLOPE is an independent parking system, which is the device most often chosen by developers. Its construction based on the delicate slant of the lower platform allows to double parking spaces in the garage hall, keeping the right space in relation to the height of a specific parking lot. This is particularly important for underground car parks with a limited height.

The system is available in the single version, designed for parking two cars simultaneously, and dual – dedicated for four cars. Thus, in the Poznań hall for 47 traditional parking spaces, residents of a multi-family building can park up to 94 vehicles. Due to the fact that independent systems have been used, i.e. those of which both vehicles can enter and leave at any time, regardless of the occupancy of other places on the system, one platform can be shared with any residents of the building. For the confidence and total trust of users, MODULO parking lots are equipped with their own security devices, guaranteeing the safety of parked cars. The system of sliding bumpers placed on the platform ensures correct positioning of the car. On each control panel there is also an emergency switch that allows you to stop the device in case of danger.


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