We present a car park of a multi-family building in Warsaw arranged with the use of Modulo parking platforms. Two types of car parks have been used – Modulo LS and Parker-C, which will allow a total of 35 vehicles to park here.

Thanks to the Modulo LS car park, one device can park as many as 15 cars (on levels 0 and -1) and thanks to the installed gates, the car park can be operated by a remote control, without having to get out of the car! As you can see, even really large cars can fit on it and the operation is extremely simple.

The Parker-C105 car park allowed for the development of 20 parking spaces in the described investment on independent, classic four-bay platforms. 5 such devices were installed here. Soon we will show more materials from this unique project.

Modulo LS is a system of independent parking platforms offering up to three levels of parking vehicles – underground, on the ground level and above ground. Thanks to the possibility of installing a system of sliding gates and full automation, it is not necessary to get out of the vehicle to call the platform assigned to the user (this can be done, for example, with an individual remote control). It is the most universal of our products, which will be perfect both for a residential investment and as a multi-storey car park in a company or public utility building.

The MODULO PARKER-C100 parking platform is an extremely convenient solution. It allows you to park up to four cars at the same time, and the entry and exit of each of them is not dependent in any way on the others. The device, using a small area, allows you to easily double the number of available parking spaces without the need to expand the building upwards. There are many height variants available – even for vehicles up to 2 m high.

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