We continue creating the newsletter of PROJPRZEM MAKRUM S.A. – monthly publications informing about the most important events from the company. Colportage of a company newslettis another step we take in building new, open communication policy and to inform our current and future shareholders about small and larger successes of the company, good business relationships with our contractors, our new products and projects, as well as all other events from the company’s everyday operation.

In the September newsletter, we present echoes of the publication of the semi-annual report of PROJPRZEM MAKRUM – a record of the results webinar, a question and answer session and a short video discussing the report. We also remind you of the dividend day and its payment that took place last month. Traditionally, we also inform about the most interesting new implementations of our segments and the latest news from their activities.

Another significant construction contract for LG Chem
Demolition works at the Bydgoszcz factory of PROJPRZEM MAKRUM