PJP Makrum is a recognized manufacturer of machinery and equipment for the mining, chemical, cement and paper industries; It also specializes in the production of individual, specialized steel structures – mainly industrial and warehouse structures – with high quality requirements. We present some of the implementations made last summer.

Thanks to the extensive experience of our employees and attention to the smallest details in the development process, we are able to offer you professionalism at every stage of the investment and timely delivery of services. Our facilities are made on the basis of technical documentation prepared by us ourselves or provided by the client.

We regularly deliver components to our machines. This time – a mill inlet adapter for one of the companies operating in the chemical industry:

A barker for a client from the paper industry. The device is used for pre-treatment of wood – removing the logs from the bark layer:

The debarking drum at its widest point is 6 m in diameter, approx. 20 m long and weighs approx. 130 tons. Delivering it to the customer’s site will require the use of special means of transport, intended for the transport of large-size loads. The assembly of the device in the production line will be carried out with the use of mobile cranes with a load capacity of several hundred tons, working at high heights.

Installation of the bark beetle of impressive size:

GDA-V2 is a new version of the Asphalt Destruction Granulator. This time the device consists of a dispenser, granulator and a set of feeding conveyors. The machine works in the asphalt mixing plant:

Another of the GDA Asphalt Destruct Granulators designed and manufactured by us. Following the needs of customers – this time in a portable version:

The steel structures that are part of the dryer island systems. They will take part in the drying of wood chips in the production of industrial wood pellets. It is a renewable fuel used in power plants instead of coal. Thanks to this technology, our client manages to create a product with a higher carbon content, applicable not only in energy production, but also in biofuels, plastics, steel production, and even soil conditioning. The devices went to Estonia:

Screen mill and roller crusher – these are examples of projects that we have implemented recently. The material that will go to the machines is an iron catalyst. The machines were installed at the customer from the chemical industry:


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