We present one of last projects from the segment of machines and steel structures by PROJPRZEM MAKRUM S.A. This time this is a product representing a traditional branch of MAKRUM products – crushing and milling machinery.

The project was completed in a new production plant, located near Szczecin. It referred to a mill of 41.31 type by Makrum. The second identical mill will be installed and activated soon at the same customer. These machines will be used for milling mineral raw materials (concretely gravel) in a production line of cellular concrete. A leading Polish manufacturer of cellular concrete is the customer. Currently, we are carrying out test runs there which aim at checking correctness of working parameters of a mill and correctness of its assembly/installation.

The runs take place in five stages, which differ from each other with the loading applied, length of continuous work of machine and share of water, since the mill is adapted to wet work – i.e. with share of water as the additional medium. Currently we are finishing the 3rd stage of the runs. Each subsequent stage of the runs increases technical requirements towards the machine, and their successful completion is the confirmation of high quality of products offered by PROJPRZEM MAKRUM.

mlyn szczecin

Mills are one of flagship products for which the production company from Bydgoszcz has already been known for 150 years. Work with this type of machines is the MAKRUM’s speciality, which has infrastructure unique at national level, allowing to work on such large structures. Apart from mills, the brand’s flagship products are crushers and dryers as well as modern solutions combining functions of traditional machines with innovation needed today. Asphalt waste granulator is an example of such a product.

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