Manufacturer and originator of the idea of automatic parking systems, the MODULO Parking company presented a model of one of its most popular products – the MODULO Twin system. We present a recording of the operation of this mini car park, which shows its potential and possibilities of its use and arrangement.

The MODULO Twin system presented on the model is an independent system, designed primarily for individual users and home parking lots. Ideal for owners of two cars who want to save space on their plot or simply do not have a parking space for an additional car. The system also allows any arrangement of the upper platform, so that it constitutes a uniform surface with the area around it, making the parking area perfectly fit into the surroundings .

The MODULO TWIN Parking System is a device that multiplies the number of parking spaces in an independent manner (you can enter/exit any platform irrespective of other spaces). The devices are powered by hydraulic power units. Each device is equipped with an individual control panel. As particular devices have been assigned individual keys, they cannot be turned on by unauthorised persons. Operation of the device follows the ‘keep pushed to actuate’ principle. Each control panel has an emergency switch used to stop the device in hazardous situations. Each parking space provides correct car position adjustment by means of moveable buffers on the platform.

MODULO Twin is one of the first systems that were included in the offer of the company. Today, the portfolio includes similar systems for four cars, but also a wide range of dependent systems, such as MODULO Scissor or systems for a larger number of vehicles – 9, 25 or their multiples. The MODULO company, as a designer and manufacturer of these innovative solutions, can customize the offered models to specific requirements of the area, conditions of use, but also the aesthetics and preferences of the customer. There is also the possibility of designing a unique machine, according to the customer’s needs on an individual order.

For more information about MODULO parkings, please visit the company’s website, where recently a new tab presenting selected implementations of automated parking systems is available:

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