MODULO Parking Platforms can be divided into two groups: dependent and independent. The first group comprises solutions used primarily in single-family houses and in places where there is a constant order of leaving the parking lot, e.g. in small companies. Independent systems on the other hand do not require the first platform to be empty before leaving the second one. Today we will tell you more about the first type of devices.

A Parking System is a lift which, using a hydraulic or electrical system, allows you to park two or more vehicles on one standard parking space. There are dependent and independent systems. Individual customers are usually interested in the dependent ones. It is not only a perfect solution to parking problems in a house garage, but also an interesting way to exhibit cars.

Modulo Scissor is a system based on a unique scissors mechanism. The system allows to store two cars comfortably and in a very visually attractive manner using only one traditional parking space. It is a perfect solution for car collectors or car dealers seeking to present cars offered for sale in an interesting way and save space at the same time. SCISSOR is also well-suited for all kinds of automotive trade fairs and shows. One of its advantages is a possibility to fold it flat with no system construction elements protruding above the platform. It makes this system perfect also for an outside use.

Modulo Polo is a parking system designed for facilities requiring a limited number of parking spaces, such as small companies, hospitals or small hotels. It is extremely easy to handle and comfortable to use. What is more – it is precisely 2.5 m wide, so only as wide as is required for one standard parking space. Additionally, due to the use of higher columns it is possible to adjust its height individually. Another advantage of the POLO Parking System is the fact that the platform outline covers the entire parking space below providing an extra protection for a car parked there.

Modulo Slant is a great system for places of limited height – the upper platform is slanted relative to the lower one and lowered at a small angle in order to use the available space to the maximum. The solution is perfect for garages with low ceilings, for instance in apartment buildings or public institutions. It is the lightest one among all MODULO Parking Systems. What is important, it requires only 2.5 m width, so only as much as a standard parking space takes.

Exceptional implementation - MODULO Parking in a hospital in Gdańsk
Investor’s newsletter – December 2018