We present a video showing the operation and use of Modulo Pallet parking platforms. It is a type of system that duplicates parking spaces in buildings with limited possibilities of making an access lane.

Contrary to other MODULO products, this type does not offer parking of cars one above the other. However, it allowa you to automate parking on a given area, excluding situations such as incorrectly parked vehicles or collisions in the parking lot. It is also a significant space saving, since automatic platforms following a predetermined route require much less space to maneuver. This system is ideal in places where it is impossible to install a tower system due to the limited height or the requirements of the surrounding infrastructure. In the case of MODULO PALLET, there are any number of configurations (number and length of pallets or width of rails). Parking platforms, using a small area, allow you to easily double the number of available parking spaces, without the need to expand the building upwards. The device is dedicated to all garage halls and underground garages.


Investor’s newsletter – August 2021
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