The MODULO MULTI system is an ideal solution for strict urban development, where environmental conditions do not allow for the construction of a standard or underground reinforced concrete parking lot. The number of parking spaces and their configuration can be each time adapted to the individual needs of the client. The system can be expanded vertically and horizontally, which allows you to park up to six vehicles in one traditional place. The advantage of the system is also very quiet operation, which makes it possible to use it inside a residential building.


The MODULO MULTI system duplicates parking spaces independently. The device includes: load-bearing structure, hydraulic system with a hydraulic unit and electrical system. Each device has an individual control panel, which, thanks to the assigned key, is protected against unauthorized use.

A system of sliding bumpers placed on the parking platform ensures correct positioning of the car. There is also an emergency switch on each control panel that allows stopping the device in case of danger.

Automatic parking systems Modulo are not only an antidote to the problem of parking in crowded city centers or a convenient solution for developers and home parking lots, allowing to expand the available parking space. It is also an excellent method of displaying vehicles for car dealers or their presentations during automotive events, due to the elevation of the upper level of the car park. In addition, MODULO car parks provide ease of use and safety – for both the user and parked vehicles. Thanks to the use of modern hydraulic systems, MODULO automatic parking systems are completely environmentally friendly.

Investor’s newsletter – October 2020
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