On Friday, November 15, 2019, an investor chat with the CEO of PROJPRZEM MAKRUM, Piotr Szczeblewski, took place. During the meeting, we talked about the financial results for the third quarter of 2019. Investors also asked questions about foreign expansion, dividend policy, sales of MODULO and prospects for the coming years. Nearly 300 people attended the meeting, and the chairman of the board answered 25 questions. We invite you to read the Q&A record

Chat report:

Good morning, I invite you to ask questions.

At what stage is the restructuring carried out since the takeover of the company? Is this process over?

The restructuring process was completed at the end of 2017. The results were visible in the 2018 report. We are now working on development

How is the progress in the company’s development abroad? Can you give more details and how foreign markets contribute to the whole result?

The company is focused on foreign sales, especially in transhipment systems and this is visible in the 3Q report. We have also increased the sale of parking systems, whose share in exports should systematically increase. We are running the MODULO promotion in France (participation in fairs) and building a distribution network throughout Europe

What impact on the costs in PJP will have the increase of minimal salary the coming years? Is it possible to counteract this somehow?

The average wage in Projprzem Makrum is much higher than the minimal. We meet the expectations of employees by increasing their remuneration, while working on increasing work efficiency. We are in the process of expanding and modernizing the plant.

What is the company’s dividend policy, because it is rather not dependent on the amount of profits? 

The company has not published the official dividend policy. We strive to care for shareholders while not hindering the development of the company.

Good morning, how does MODULO sell abroad and has the situation changed significantly this year?

We are building sales and export departments. Sales will grow in the coming years.

What potential impact on Projprzem may have joining Atrem with GKI?

Positive, especially in synergies regarding construction projects, participation in consortia, etc.

Is the stock price fairly depreciated in 2019? Do you think there is any fundamental justification for this ??

There is not, the company is developing, but it seems to me that the downward trends are due to negative moods on the Warsaw Stock Exchange

Revenues from docking solutions have increased, but in other departments they have decreased significantly so what could the situation look like in all segments (increases or further decreases) in 2020?

We expect further growth in docking solutions and parkings as well as growth in construction due to new contracts. Makrum machines sales should remain at 2019 levels.

The sale of parkings is growing but there are still problems with the profitability of production. When will this change?

It will change when we achieve stability in the impact of orders and the right scale of production. We expect this when we achieve sales higher than PLN 25 million. We treat today’s lower profitability as an investment.

At what level of sales will parking systems be profitable?

As above – We expect it when we achieve sales higher than PLN 25 million. We treat today’s lower profitability as an investment.

Hello, at what stage are the next promised acquisitions …?

We don’t talk about acquisitions – we work on them. At the same time, we are strongly developing our key products and services.

Will projprzem’s companies also be present at the investing conference on December 6 in Bydgoszcz?

Yes, representatives of the management boards of all companies will take part in the so-called company fairs, during which you will be able to talk to us and ask questions. We invite you to participate in this event – these are the last days to register. More information about this event: http://blog.immobile.com.pl/quovadisgieldo/

The decrease in revenues in industrial construction is 35%. Can we expect a reduction in this negative dynamics in the last quarter of the year?

We expect better results in the fourth quarter due to the finalization of some of the contracts. We will start the new year with full contractual capacity. It is expected that 2020 will be better than 2019.

The construction result in Q4 2019 is to be better. And what are the prospects for 2020, will the company enter the new year secured in terms of contracts to be implemented?

Similar question – answer above

How do you assess the prospects for Modulo today after several years of development of this segment? What are its revenue goals for 2020?

The market looks very promising. We see the demand for systems throughout Europe and the growing recognition of our brand in this area. We expect a significant increase in revenues, we want to maintain a similar trend to this year’s

Last year, the price rose beautifully despite falling on the stock market and now I have the impression that the opposite is true, what happened according to the board and how does the board assess the price of shares?

As we answered in one of the previous questions – it is fundamentally going well. We see downward trends in negative moods on the Warsaw Stock Exchange

How does the segment referred to as “remaining” look after the sale of the office building?

The segment remains insignificant from the point of view of current operations. The reported revenues come from the end of the lease of an office building at Bernardyńska in Bydgoszcz in Q1 2019. Currently, after the sale, the lease business is terminated.

Sales of docking solutions mainly increased due to sales of spare parts y / y, what is the reason?

We are developing in two areas – sales of new platforms as well as sales of parts in the service sector. We will also work on developing the website in the coming years.

Currently, parkings bring 8 million. When do you expect 25 million? 2 years, 3 years?

We should achieve this goal in the next two years

Is there a chance that 2019 will see the industrial construction segment show profit (operating, net)?

As in the questions above – we see this opportunity

How big is the crushing and grinding machinery segment? What is the reason and what directions does the company intend to take to change this state of affairs?

At the beginning of 2018, we were finishing projects related to the sold plant in Sępólno, therefore the revenue was higher. We are currently focusing on our own products. We would like to stabilize this segment at a level at least similar to the current one.

Quote: “At the end of 2019, the Group expects a significant increase in revenues in this segment, in connection with new contracts, which are expected to be completed by the end of the year.”

What number of contracts are we talking about and what order are we talking about?

If the question concerns construction, then the planned increase in revenues results mainly from the high pace of implementation of already concluded contracts, and not from the large number of new contracts concluded.

A few months ago, there was loud talk about a slowdown on the German market. Now in the media probably the “scandal” has subsided. How do you see the situation in recent moths?

In the segments in which we are present, i.e. transhipment and parking systems, we see an increase in demand. But the machinery industry has a certain slowdown, especially when it comes to large contracts.

Will the sale of crushing and grinding machines be characterized by a continuous decline until it goes out or are you not going to give up this product?

We stopped carrying out projects based on customer documentation, remaining an engineering company here and focusing on own products. We want to develop the sale of our machines. We are the national market leader in crushing and grinding machines, thousands of our machines work in Polish mines and mineral processing plants, so we will not leave our long-standing customers without support.

The report appeared with information that the acquisition of Atrem may have consequences for PJP, in particular for Projprzem Budownictwo. Can you please develop this thought?

As we wrote above – positive effects will be particularly visible in synergies regarding construction projects, participation in consortia, etc.

Thank you very much for all your questions. The chat coverage will be made available in the Strefa Inwestorów and in the media of PROJPRZEM MAKRUM.

By the way, once again we cordially invite you to a unique event for investors – ‘Quo Vadis Giełdo?’ – this is a debate of capital market practitioners, including one of the Strefa’ editors, Rafał Irzyński (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A3Lpwt7jrhI). Let’s meet and talk about our company and the market.

Info: http://blog.immobile.com.pl/quovadisgieldo/

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